Official Privacy Policy

Panorama Charter takes responsibility for data privacy as it is important to the firms and their employees’ end. The organization value employees’ trust as they place in providing particular products, services, and mobile applications or interact within the departments for better outreach.

We take responsibility to seriously protect the privacy and the data collected at the Panorama Charter Employee Login portal. In order to offer explicit services at lower rates and to personalize the products & services to meet needs and interests better, the collected information gets properly utilized.

Panorama Charter privacy policy outlined below explains the types of data gets collected at the Panorama Charter portal. Also, how the information gets into usage, the options obtainable regarding such conduct, and disclosure. The rights must be acknowledged under federal law when you subscribe to specific Panorama Charter services.

The official pledges in this privacy policy reflect the primary business goal of providing the diplomats with the most innovative and premium-quality products & all the relevant services while allowing them to select how to utilize the information to achieve all the specific goals. Here are some acknowledgments about the same:-

Communicate the privacy practices in an easily approachable way and clearly describe all the outbound decisions.
It also gives the option of how we would like to utilize the gathered information for several marketing purposes.

Do not sell and accept requests to share personal data with third parties for any purpose. This incorporates clients’ browser history, call detail recordings, and viewing regular activity.

Protect the data with satisfactory security propositions at Panorama Charter Login portal;

We will inform you in the stride of changes to the data protection obligations and will continually post the most current version of the data security policy at This data is essential to be able to give all the relevant services to the Panorama Charter Login portal users efficiently and economically.