Portable Use Acknowledgment

When the Panorama Charter employees prefer Spectrum mobile applications, they may also automatically gather data about the devices utilized to access the mobile application or the offered services and the viewed content.

The data that gets collected automatically depends on how to access the firm Panorama Charter Communications’ services and content. Employee accessing the Panorama Charter Login portal form mobile, below stated information gets collected:-

  • Data related to the regulation and operation of the application;
  • Device data (for instance, device ID, mobile device number, advertising ID, MAC address, carrier, operating system, ISP, IP address);
  • Usage data associated with the interaction and the application;
  • Configuration data for each Wi-Fi equipped device that the employees can use for accessing the application;
  • Specific data about the Wi-Fi and cellular contacts (for instance, data usage, network performance, signal strength, latency);

Location data, inclusive of the detailed geolocation data such as the address of the service and the position of that particular device on which employees access the Panorama Charter Employee Login account.

The location-based features are based on the Panorama Charter Employee Login account and the location, inclusive of a device’s exact geolocation on which you have connected the account. For instance, the Spectrum TV app.

If Panorama Charter Employees do not want the application to track their exact geographical location, they can disable location services from the device settings. The Wi-Fi Finder application can be equipped or utilized to identify the most nearer Wi-Fi access points.

Please note that location data, inclusive of exact geographic location, will be collected when the location service is enabled for the Panorama Charter Employee Login application. The application runs in the foreground, in the background, or when you are not utilizing it.